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Tailor Made Suits in London

Grant & O’Sullivan are a proud & historic bespoke tailors in London.

With branches in Savile Row & Fulham, we have been dressing the people of London & beyond since the 1950’s

Originally launched as a humble local tailors in Wandsworth, London – Grant & O’Sullivan has grown to become an international name in the tailoring world with customers from across the globe.

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Our Process

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The first step into Bespoke Suiting is to book an appointment with our Master Tailor, Sonny Grant-O’Sullivan, who will guide you through everything there is to know & what you can expect.

At Your Appointment

Here is where the magic happens.

You’ll have the chance to browse through our vast selection of over 7000 fabrics, including the likes of Loro Piana, Drago, Dormeuil, Huddersfield Fine Worsted & so much more. 

A meticulous set of precise measurements will be taken so that your suit will be a perfect fit & you will be guided through the design process so that you have the suit of your dreams. 

We Get To Work

Our team of expert tailors get to work crafting your suit. 

Over the next few weeks your suit will pass through the hands of 8 different experts, where we take your measurements and turn them into a form fitting suit made just for you, according to your specific design requirements.


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