Established in 1956 by renowned Master Tailor, George Grant, Grant & O'Sullivan is a bespoke aterlier nestled in the heart of London on the famous Strand. We continue to tailor to our own exacting standards, set by George since 1956...

Grant & O'Sullivan Tailors

Dear visitor,

I am Sonny Grant, the Founder and Principal Tailor of Grant & O’Sullivan Tailors, a bespoke atelier nestled in the heart of London at 218 Strand. Our brand is a contemporary homage to my grandfather’s legacy in the world of heritage tailoring.

As a dedicated bespoke tailor, I am driven by a passion to counteract the fleeting nature of “fast fashion”. I established Grant & O’Sullivan with a clear vision: to reintroduce the world to the elegance of high-quality, meticulously crafted bespoke garments and accessories. My travels across the globe, in pursuit of my craft, have allowed me to curate a collection of truly exquisite fashion pieces.

It’s with immense pride that I present these treasures to the discerning consumers of the UK, with the hope of reigniting the nation’s illustrious sartorial heritage.

For a deeper insight into my journey and vision, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or drop me a line at

Warm regards,

Sonny Grant