Grant & O'Sullivan Tailors

Established in 1956 by renowned Master Tailor, George Grant, Grant & O'Sullivan is a bespoke atelier nestled in the heart of London. We continue to tailor to our own exacting standards, set by George since 1956...

Grant & O'Sullivan Tailors

Dear visitor,

I am Sonny Grant-O’Sullivan, the Director and Principal Tailor at Grant & O’Sullivan Tailors, a bespoke atelier nestled in the heart of London. Our brand is a contemporary homage to my grandfather’s legacy in the world of heritage tailoring.

As a dedicated bespoke tailor, I am driven by a passion to counteract the fleeting nature of “fast fashion”. I established Grant & O’Sullivan with a clear vision: to reintroduce the world to the elegance of high-quality, meticulously crafted bespoke garments. My travels across the globe, in pursuit of my craft, have allowed me to curate a collection of truly exquisite fashion pieces.

It’s with immense pride that I present these treasures to the discerning consumers of the UK, with the hope of reigniting the nation’s illustrious sartorial heritage.

For a deeper insight into my journey and vision, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or drop me a line at

Warm regards,

Sonny Grant-O’Sullivan

Grant & O’Sullivan: Crafting Your Legacy in Bespoke Tailoring

Welcome to Grant & O’Sullivan, where tradition meets precision in the art of bespoke tailoring. Located in the prestigious neighborhoods of Savile Row and Fulham, London, our tailoring house has become the cornerstone for those who demand the pinnacle of custom-tailored suits.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship in the Heart of London

Each bespoke suit from Grant & O’Sullivan is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted with the finest materials sourced globally. Our expert tailors at both our Savile Row and Fulham studios blend timeless techniques with modern styling to create garments that are as unique as our clients.

Tailored for Leaders and Innovators

Our clients are leaders, innovators, and trendsetters in their respective fields. They choose Grant & O’Sullivan for a personalised tailoring experience that ensures they look their best during critical moments. Whether you are preparing for a corporate event in Central London or a social gala in West London, our bespoke suits offer the confidence and distinction necessary to stand out.

A Legacy of Excellence with Local Expertise

Experience the bespoke journey where your vision comes to life. Our studios in Savile Row and Fulham are staffed with the finest tailors in London, whose expertise is matched only by their dedication to perfection. This local expertise ensures that every interaction is personalised and every garment is a statement of your personal style.

Discover Bespoke Tailoring Near You

Visit us at our Savile Row or Fulham locations to explore the possibilities of bespoke tailoring. Book a private consultation today and see why Grant & O’Sullivan is synonymous with excellence in London’s bespoke tailoring scene. Elevate your wardrobe and enhance your presence with a suit that is crafted just for you.

Your New Bespoke Suit Awaits – Schedule Your Fitting Today

Don’t just wear any suit, wear a Grant & O’Sullivan suit and embrace the power of bespoke tailoring. Contact us now to schedule your fitting at our Savile Row or Fulham studios and join the elite who understand that the right suit can redefine a man.