Bespoke Tailoring

About Us at Grant & O’Sullivan Tailors

At Grant & O’Sullivan Tailors, we excel in creating the finest handcrafted clothing, a legacy that began in 1956. The core of our work is bespoke tailoring, a tradition that remains unparalleled. But what distinguishes bespoke tailoring from made-to-measure or ready-to-wear garments? While all have their place in contemporary fashion, bespoke tailoring is a refined art form that guarantees an unmatched fit and a superior service experience.

Our Unique Approach

Creating a bespoke garment is similar to crafting a personalized piece of art. It starts with taking up to 28 detailed measurements to develop a precise paper pattern of your body.

Each garment from Grant & O’Sullivan is the result of up to 80 hours of skilled handwork by our expert cutters and tailors. From the initial measurements and paper pattern drafting to the final hand-stitching and finishing touches, every piece is unique, just like its wearer.

We ensure your complete satisfaction through at least three fittings for each bespoke suit before it leaves our Fulham store. This thorough process allows for exceptional customization, whether it’s a luxurious silk lining or an extra half-inch on a cuff. The quality of our bespoke tailoring is evident as you continue to enjoy your garments for years to come.

The Bespoke Difference

Off-the-rack or made-to-measure garments are based on standard templates that often fail to capture the unique aspects of an individual’s body. A bespoke suit, however, is handcrafted specifically for you, offering a noticeable difference in fit and comfort.

While made-to-measure services modify a standard base pattern to fit your frame, bespoke tailoring offers a truly individualized experience. With bespoke suits starting from £2500, comparable to some made-to-measure options, you can invest in a garment that is as distinctive as you are, without compromising on quality.