Made To Measure


A Streamlined Process at Grant & O’Sullivan Tailors

Our Made-To-Measure (MTM) tailoring service differs from bespoke tailoring by fitting you into one of our ready-to-wear garments and then modifying its pattern for a better fit. You have the freedom to select your cloth, lining, and various styling details such as single or double-breasted jackets, peak, notch, or shawl lapels, pocket styles, number of buttons, jacket vents, and trouser cuts.

We offer three different construction options for made-to-measure jackets:

  1. Modern British Construction: Incorporates a lightweight chest canvas for added shape, lightly padded shoulders, and gently roped sleeveheads.
  2. Italian Shoulder Construction: Provides a softly structured jacket for a refined appearance.
  3. Unstructured and Unlined Garment: Perfect for a more casual look.

During your initial consultation, our team will help you choose the construction that best suits your needs.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

While bespoke garments are entirely handcrafted, our MTM tailoring is produced in the UK, combining machine stitching with hand-finished details. This efficient process ensures our garments meet the high standards of our made-to-measure collection.

After your suit or jacket returns from the workshop, we’ll schedule an in-store fitting to make any necessary final adjustments. Our specialist alterations tailors will handle these adjustments to ensure a perfect fit. Each suit is finished with the same high-quality horn buttons used in our bespoke service.

The Process

  1. Arrange an Appointment: Visit our Fulham store or attend one of our tailoring trunk shows to place a new order with our team.
  2. Discuss Styling: During your MTM appointment, we’ll take time to understand your lifestyle and the type of garment you’re looking for. We’ll discuss the style of suit or jacket and the choice of fabrics that will best suit you.
  3. Taking Measurements: We use fitting garments to size up our MTM orders. We’ll take several measurements, both directly on your body and with fitting garments on, to ensure an accurate assessment of your physique.
  4. Fitting: About six weeks later, your order will be ready for a fitting. We’ll assess all aspects of the garment’s fit and make final adjustments to details like the jacket’s waist and sleeve length, and trouser width and cuffs.
  5. Adjustments: After your fitting, we’ll make any final adjustments by hand using our specialist alterations tailors.
  6. Collection: With the final tweaks completed, your new MTM garment will be ready for collection. You can either visit us for a final try-on or have the garment dispatched to you.